VHHS Ellen Cwick Cougar Class Act Awards

May Recipients

Twenty-One Vernon Hills High Schools students received the Ellen Cwick Cougar Class Act Award this morning at the ceremonial breakfast. Recipients were nominated for going above and beyond, for being compassionate and encouraging individuals, and for being exceptional representatives of the Cougar values. Congratulations to all our recipients!
1st row (from left): Ryan Josephson (10), Ashwini Deshpande (12), Yoselin Martinez (10), Dasha Russ (11), and Ryan Gold (12)
2nd row (from left): Caralyn Orbell (11), Jillian Boes (10), Aleen Lim (11), Erik Johnson (9), Nicole Flora (12), and Corey Caudle (12)
3rd row (from left): Luis Catalan (11), Nikolay Kravtsev (11), Shashank Srikanth (12), Viraat Vummenthaia (12), and Daniel Nam (12)
Not pictured: Jonathan Garcia (9), Tyler Garcia (12), Euhiwan Shin (12), Vivan Tsai (10), and Kevin Yoon (11)