"Taking A Stand" at History Fair







13 classes. 5 teachers. More than 200 projects.

Juniors in US History classes present their research and conclusions about topics in Illinois and Chicago history that demonstrate the National History Day theme. Working by themselves or with a partner, students could create 1 of 4 projects:

  • Museum Exhibit
  • Research Paper
  • Documentary
  • Website

Museum Exhibits




ACLU: Legally Supporting the LGBT Community Al Capone’s Fight Against Prohibition Labor Rights in Chicago
Robert R. McCormick and Press Rights Chicago Division Street Riots of 1966 Chicago Freedom Movement
Meat Inspection Act Abraham Lincoln Division Street Riots
How Jazz and Blues Closed Chicago’s Racial Divide Safety or Liberty: The Chicago Red Squad Katherine Dunham Revolutionizes Dance
Charlemae Rollins: Equality in Literature Chicago Freedom Movement The Black Panther Party in Chicago
The Origin and Destruction of Black Codes

The Greatest: In and Out of the Ring

Africobra: Taking a Stand by Unifying
Memorial Day Massacre Bughouse Square Chicanas
Black Regiments in WWI and WWII The Ban of Handguns in Morton Grove AARP
The Black Arts Movement Harriet Monroe Americans with Disabilities Act
A Century of Progress Robert McCormick freedom of the press Two Shots
Murder of Emmett Till Everett Dirksen and the Vietnam War The Great Lakes Naval Base
Hull House The Chicago Race Riot of 1919  


Impact of Columbian Exposition Jack Johnson Muhammed Ali and his stance on Vietnam War
Chicago's Heart for the Disabled Frank Lloyd Wright: Chicago's Architectural Innovator The impact of the Memorial Day Massacre on Workers' Rights
Daniel Hudson Burnham and the 1909 Plan of Chicago Tuskegee Airmen Frank Lloyd Wright

Research papers were turned in to the US History teachers.