Use Destiny Quest app to manage your LMC account

Destiny is the name of the software that the LMC uses to search for books and keep track of student checkouts.

Quest is the name of a user-friendly interface for Destiny that looks great and works even better!

Watch this video for an overview of the app and its features. It's free!!

  • If you have never logged into your LMC account, see LMC staff for assistance.
  • If you know your LMC login, you are ready to use this app.

How to install Destiny Quest:

  1. From your App Store, download and install the free app called Destiny Quest.
  2. To find our library, enter this URL: 
  3. Login with your LMC account username and password, probably is firstname.lastname and your network password.
  4. Now you can search for books, renew your books, place holds and much more!