Staff Listing

Last Name First Name Building Department Position Email Phone
Abood Alicia VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2501
Abreu Catherine LHS International Language long-term sub teacher 847-327-7534
Adams Alex LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7501
Adams Robert LHS Special Services Special Services Aide 847-327-7502
Ahern Anne VHHS Special Services Psychologist 847-932-2074
Akers Laura LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7503
Albin Raymond LHS Asst. Principal's Office Assistant Principal 847-327-7005
Amann Joyce LHS Physical Welfare Teacher 847-327-7559
Andersen Jennifer LHS Student Services Social Worker 847-327-7027
Anderson Kurt LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7555
Angelos Kelly LHS Student Services Counselor 847-327-7020
Atwell Corey VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2168
Aubin Casey LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7505
Austin Rebecca VHHS Special Services Ed Specialist 847-932-2156
Austin Nicholas VHHS Student Services Counselor 847-932-2032
Bachar Katti LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7551
Ballenger Cheryl VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2503
Ballenger Lisa VHHS Special Services Teacher assistant 847-932-2681
Baranyk Eileen VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2600
Barbian Sheryl LHS Security ESP 847-327-7148
Bartnik Bob VHHS Tech Services Network Manager 847-932-2056
Bastiani Michelle VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2651
Baxter Kip VHHS Dept. 1 Teacher 847-932-2505
Beagle Deborah VHHS Student Activities Director 847-932-2195
Beezley Esther District Office Special Services District Special Education Secretary 847-247-4579
Bell Ashley LHS Science teacher 847-327-7065
Bellecomo Bill VHHS Student Services Dean of Students L-Z 847-932-2263
Bellito Matthew VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2507
Bellito Rebecca VHHS Student Services Counselor 847-932-2166
Belstra Amy LHS Student Services CRC Counselor 847-327-7161
Bennett Danny LHS Buildings & Grounds HVAC 847-327-7101
Benson Lynne VHHS CTE, Dept 1 Department Supervisor 847-932-2317
Berba Ryan VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2643
Berzanski Brian VHHS Security Monitor 847-932-2630
Bizosky Tom LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7506
Black Tammie VHHS International Language Department Supervisor 847-932-2015
Blomgren Tina VHHS Security Security 847-932-2173
Boehm Taylor VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2591
Bogumil Scott LHS Student Services Counselor 847-327-7029
Bolsinger Kristin LHS English Teacher 847-327-7610
Bomgaars Craig VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2512
Borden Alice VHHS Dept. 1 Test Center Facilitator 847-932-2211
Bosman Kara LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7663
Brady Dana LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7508
Brenner Rick LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7509
Brettner Paul VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2513
Brilowski Beth VHHS Dept. 1 Teacher 847-932-2611
Brosio Kelly LHS Fine Arts Fine Arts/Dist Rental Secretary 847-327-7058
Brown Terry District Office Assoc. Supt. Office Personnel Specialist 847-247-4509
Brown Jeff LHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-327-7085
Brown Eryn LHS Physical Welfare Teacher 847-327-7219
Brum James LHS Special Services 847-327-7179
Budge Tim LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7510
Buesing Mark LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7511
Buhmann Sarah LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7626
Bush Mike LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7512
Butler Viola VHHS Special Services Department Secretary 847-932-2028
Calabrese Joan VHHS Security Security Monitor 847-932-2514
Carroll Amanda VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2515
Cashman Katherine LHS ESP LST Secretary 847-327-7031
Casillas Dawn VHHS Social Studies, Science, Eng. Department Secretary 847-932-2007
Castrejon Evelyn VHHS LST Monitor 847-932-2077
Catanzaro Kathy VHHS Athletics AD Secretary 847-932-2023
Caton Denise VHHS Physical Welfare Teacher 847-932-2657
Caton Ross VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2518
Chapman Jessica VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2520
Childers Mary VHHS LST Monitor 847-932-2521
Chillemi Patricia VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2091
Chinske Thomas VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2676
Christian Amy VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2522
Clark Mary VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2679
Clarke Alyssa VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2523
Clarke Karen VHHS Special Services Social Worker 847-932-2316
Clifford Matthew VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2524
Cloud Sandra District Office Communications/Personnel Secretary 847-247-4527
Colletti Emily LHS English long term sub-Singleton 847-327-7541
Colton Arian VHHS Special Services Aide
Community ED District Office Community Education Communnity Ed 847-247-4576
Compton Andy VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2525
Conley Jacob LHS Buildings & Grounds Aramark 847-327-7191
Connolly Kristen LHS Applied Arts Teacher 847-327-7216
Conroy Sean VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2526
Constantinidis Irene LHS Career & Technical Education Secretary; SS, ENG, FACS 847-327-7241
Cook Michael LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7515
Cope Peggy VHHS Student Services Data Processing Specialist 847-932-2030
Cortez Avelino VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2528
Costello Patrick VHHS Athletics Coach 847-932-2529
Cote Sherri LHS Asst. Principal's Office Teacher Support Clerk 847-327-7040
Crane Rachel VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2657
Crawford Christopher LHS Special Services Aide 847-327-7648
Crevier Sean VHHS Dept. 1 Teacher 847-932-2530
Cummings Kristin VHHS Main Office Substitute Coordinator 847-932-2001
Curry Chris VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2041
Curry Suzanne VHHS Main Office Assistant Principal's Secretary 847-932-2315
Curtin Michael VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2527
Curtis Ron LHS Buildings & Grounds Buildings & Grounds 847-327-7192
Cusick-Acosta Jodi VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2531
Czarnecki Jason VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2532
Dada Yasmine District Office Business Office Asst. Superintendent-Business 847-247-4530
Dahlstrom Stefanie LHS/VHHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-932-2155
Dantes Diane VHHS Student Services Nurse part-time 847-932-2299
Davis Christopher LHS Athletics Asst. Director/Phy. Welfare Teacher christopher. 847-327-7064
Davis Lisa LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7572
Dawson Pete LHS Science Supervisor 847-327-7054
Day Karen VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2534
De La Garza Ginger VHHS LST LST Secretary L-Z 847-932-2285
Debruler Kelly LHS Principal's Office Receptionist/Main Office Secretary 847-327-7003
Dederich Madeline District Office Community Education Community Ed/Grant Secretary 847-247-4575
DeLuca Vincent VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2535
DiBella Claire LHS Special Services Student Needs Specialist 847-327-7207
DiCicco Rosemary District Office Business Office Secretary 847-247-4519
Dillon Amy VHHS Student Services SAP Coordinator 847-932-2158
DiMarco Josephine VHHS Student Services Social Worker 847-932-2029
Dircks Pam VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2536
Dovel Barb VHHS LST Monitor 847-932-2537
Downey Stephen VHHS Special Services Counselor 847-932-2264
Duffy Dennis LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7523
Dunleavy Shannon VHHS Dept. 1 Library Aide 847-932-2543
Durkin Ann LHS Applied Arts Library Aide 847-327-7051
Durkin Mary Therese LHS Special Services Special Services Aide 847-327-7628
Dusthimer Doug VHHS Student Services Social Worker 847-932-2268
Dwyer Christina LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7650
Ebling Ryan LHS English Teacher 847-327-7557
Eggert Dale LHS Athletics Wrestling 847-327-7524
Eidmann Pam VHHS Dept. 1 Library/Media Aide 847-932-2147
Elmore Teresa LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7525
Engresso Allan(Ronald) LHS Buildings & Grounds Maintenance 847-327-7217
Erickson Kurt VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2648
Etnyre Shannon VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2540
Everding Julie LHS ESP LST A-F Monitor 847-327-7025
Fajardo Dulce VHHS English Aide 847-932-2675
Farrell Allison VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2649
Favia Sandra LHS Career & Technical Education Library Aide 847-327-7527
Fedesna Brigitte LHS Nurse Substitute 847-327-7016
Feeney Monica LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7528
Feeney Ryan VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2624
Ferrell Maureen LHS Building & Grounds Secretarty & Special Services Aide Secretary 847-327-7134
Ferrell Sean LHS Student Services Team Director 847-327-7033
Ferolo Nina VHHS ESP Library Aide 847-932-2502
Fijalkowski Dale VHHS Athletics Coach 847-932-2674
Firnbach DeAnn VHHS Student Services Counselor 847-932-2266
Fischer Rita District Office Administration Assistant Superintendent C&I 847-247-4514
Fischer Robert VHHS Special Services Ed Specialist 847-932-2209
Fischl John District Office Rentals Coordinator 847-247-4583
Fisher Tamara VHHS Main Office Bookeeper 847-932-2072
Fleming Al District Office Administration Associate Superintendent 847-247-4520
Footlik Marianne District Office Business Office Bookkeeper 847-247-4522
Fowkes Anne LHS Physical Welfare Teacher 847-327-7606
Foy Rebecca VHHS Student Services School Resource Officer 847-932-2003
Frank Al VHHS Security Security 847-932-2542
Frederick Marissa LHS Special Services Psychologist 847-327-7639
Fredrick Sheila VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2051
Freichels Stephanie VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2544
Fremaux Bena VHHS Chartwells Cafeteria 847-932-2018
Friedrich Paul VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2545
Fujiu Jeffrey VHHS Special Services Teacher Aide 847-932-2610
Gabris Brooke VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2546
Gallivan Kenneth LHS Asst. Principal's Office Test Center Facilitator 847-327-7097
Gallivan Sue VHHS Buildings & Grounds Building & Grounds Secretary 847-932-2187
Garcia Rebeca VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2547
Garcia Shannon VHHS Student Services Counselor 847-932-2031
Garlow Jeanette VHHS LST Monitor 847-932-2548
Garrison Kelly VHHS Special Services Department Supervisor 847-932-2146
Gauger Beth LHS Special Services aide 847-327-7652
Gavin Megan LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7530
Geltner Megan VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2549
Gerber Doug VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2550
Gerlach Jeremy LHS Applied Arts Teacher 847-327-7104
Geryol Kathleen LHS Special Services Special Services Aide 847-327-7532
Glenn Audrey LHS Asst. Principal's Office Sub Coordinator 847-327-7039
Gluskin Michael LHS English Teacher 847-327-7533
Goettsche Jennifer LHS International Language Department Supervisor 847-327-7052
Gohr Adam LHS Fine Arts Band Director 847-327-7083
Gomez Felipe LHS Buildings & Grounds Mail 847-327-7094
Gong Elissa VHHS Science Teacher 847-327-7654
Goodwin Jim LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7536
Gooris Hillary LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7537
Gooris Daniel LHS Physical Welfare Teacher 847-327-7234
Gorell Kevin LHS Special Services 847-327-7646
Gorski Melissa LHS English Teacher 847-327-7538
Gossell Ray LHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-327-7539
Gourley Sara LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7540
Gratz Diana LHS Asst. Principal's Office Asst. Principal's Secretary 847-327-7006
Green Dana VHHS Fine Arts Orchestra Director 847-932-2163
Greenawalt Kedric VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2553
Greenswag Sarah LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7642
Grossman Stacey LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7246
Guiard Laura LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7543
Guiard Christophe LHS/VHHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7542
Guillaume Jon VHHS Main Office Principal 847-932-2157
Gutzmer Abbie VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2554
Hahn Chris District Office Business Office Accounts Payable M-Z 847-247-4524
Hare Tiffany LHS ESP Lab Aide 847-327-7639
Hartweg Kelli District Office Administration District Director of Special Education 847-247-4582
Hauswirth Jaclyn VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2587
Hawver Kristen LHS English Teacher 847-327-7564
Hays Anne LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7545
Healey Shawn VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2557
Heiden Jeffrey LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7544
Heinlein Tiffany VHHS Student Services Counselor 847-932-2293
Heller Aniko LHS Special Services aide 847-327-7507
Helvie Dustin LHS Fine Arts Supervisor 847-327-7057
Hendrickx Megan VHHS Special Services Ed Specialist 847-932-2202
Henning Alyssa VHHS Special Services Speech/Language Therapist 847-932-2303
Henrichs Stephanie LHS Special Services Transition Coordinator 847-327-7166
Henry Heather VHHS Special Services Teacher assistant 847-932-2680
Herrera Daniel LHS Tech Services Computer Technician 847-327-7194
Hinsberger Kurt LHS Tech Services Mobile Tech Support 847-327-7046
Hironimus Kurt LHS English Teacher 847-327-7547
Holly Kevin LHS Production Services Theater Coordinator 847-327-7059
Holtsford Amy LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7548
Hoversen Timothy VHHS Buildings & Grounds staff 847-932-2044
Hoveydai Riaz VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2658
Hubbard Donna LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7549
Hupp Julie VHHS Sedol O/T
Hyla Kathryn LHS Applied Arts Teacher 847-327-7550
Isabelli Tony VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2561
Isabelli Kate LHS/VHHS Tech Services Tech Integration Specialist 847-327-7041
Jacks Anthony LHS Special Services Special Services Aide 847-327-7552
Jaffe Erin VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher erin.jaffe@ 847-932-2562
Jaimes-Antunez Mayra VHHS Security Monitor 847-932-2519
Jansen Kim LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7180
Joesten Christee LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7651
Johnson Kristin VHHS Dept. 1 Teacher 847-932-2565
Johnson Noelle LHS ESP - Write Place Computer Lab Aide 847-327-7124
Johnson Julie LHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-327-7553
Jones Michelle LHS Attendance Transcript Manager 847-327-7023
Jones Mike LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7554
Jordan Sherri VHHS Student Services LST Secretary A-K 847-932-2269
Joshi Radhika VHHS International Language International Language Lab Aide 847-932-2068
Kahn David LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7556
kajal.patel-thakkar Kajal VHHS Student Services School Nurse 847-932-2040
Kallison Michael LHS Special Services Aide 847-327-7644
Karnstedt Matt LHS Fine Arts Music teacher 847-327-7084
Kasel Carolyn LHS/VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2566
Keefe-Daguinsin Karen LHS ESP ELL Aide karen.keefedaguinsin 847-327-7640
Kelch Robert LHS Applied Science Teacher 847-327-7189
Kellum Debra LHS Applied Arts Supervisor 847-327-7240
Kelly Briant LHS Athletics Athletic Director 847-327-7063
Kelly Sean VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2567
Kelly Sarah LHS Student Services Counselor 847-327-7150
Kelly Eli LHS Tech Services Computer Technician 847-327-7047
Kendzior Michaela LHS International Language Aide 847-327-7141
Kerth Alex LHS/VHHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7631
Killinger Jeffrey VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2564
King Laura VHHS Student Services Registrar 847-932-2073
Kinnee Melodie LHS Special Services Special Services Teacher 847-327-7243
Kirk Kimberly LHS Athletics Athletic Director's Secretary 847-327-7065
Klein Lina LHS Tech Services A/V Technician 847-327-7138
Klein Rob LHS Tech Services Media Prod Tech 847-327-7061
Koerner Emily LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7587
Kolze Richard LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7643
Koopman Mark District Office Buildings & Grounds B&G Director 847-247-4581
Korney Steven VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2571
Kosanke Nicole LHS English Long-term Substitute teacher 847-327-7516
Kostro Nora LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7561
Kreutz David LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7562
Krich Amanda VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2625
Kruckman Sandra LHS Principal's Office Principal's Secretary 847-327-7002
Kust Scott LHS Buildings & Grounds Buildings & Grounds 847-327-7172
Kym Karen LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7653
Laker Kerry LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7519
Lapish Dave LHS English Teacher 847-327-7565
Lara Andrea LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7566
Larson Heather VHHS Special Services PAWS Aide 847-932-2551
Lea Prentiss District Office Administration Superintendent 847-247-4510
Leafblad Alice LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7567
Lechner Heidi LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7574
Lehman Deborah VHHS Dept.1/Int'l Lang/Math Department Secretary 847-932-2013
LeMaistre Karen LHS English Teacher 847-327-7568
Lemke Doreen LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7569
Leone Matt LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7570
Levin Robin VHHS Main Office Secretary 847-932-2190
Linness-Bagley Eric VHHS Fine Arts Teacher/PT band, orchestra 847-932-2555
Little Jeremy VHHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-932-2161
Loika Jennifer LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7153
Loika Greg LHS Student Services Social Worker 847-327-7019
Lueken Adam LHS/VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2578
Luick Julianne LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7573
Lund Jennifer LHS Student Services CRC Secretary 847-327-7017
Lyon Daniel LHS Chartwells Food Service Director 847-327-7190
Lysenko Oleksandr LHS English ELL Aide 847-327-7664
Macias Ellen VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2665
Madden Mike LHS Security Security 847-327-7634
Malats Jonathan LHS PAWS Aide 847-327-7657
Mann Charles VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2655
Mansell Mike LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7157
Marcell Catherine LHS Special Services Psychologist 847-327-7090
Marino Jeremy LHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-327-7082
Maroscher Eric LHS Asst. Principal's Office Assistant Principal 847-327-7004
Martin Karen VHHS Special Services SEDOL 847-932-2121
Martin Sandy VHHS Tech Services TV/Video Technician 847-932-2132
Mascia Patti LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Department Supervisor 847-327-7188
Mason Colin VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2580
Matheson Timothy LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7517
Matthews Sean LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7071
McCarty Matt VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2582
McCaulou Michael VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Dept. Supervisor 847-932-2172
McConville Brian LHS Student Services Aide 847-327-7600
McCusker Shawn LHS Social Studies Dept. Supervisor 847-327-7056
McDonald Brian VHHS Athletics Athletic Director 847-932-2022
McKiernan Nora VHHS Main Office Principal's Secretary 847-932-2301
McPhillips Jodi LHS Career & Technical Education Librarian 847-327-7048
Meister-Louria Wendy VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2585
Mendelsohn Stuart LHS Drop-In-LAB Data Support Specialist 847-327-7042
Meyer Jamie VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2586
Miceli Jerry VHHS Physical Welfare Teacher 847-932-2656
Micucci Allison VHHS Physical Welfare Teacher - part time 847-932-2599
Miley Denise LHS Special Services Aide 847-327-7641
Miller Brian VHHS Dept. 1 Teacher 847-932-2295
Miller Kristin VHHS Special Services Psychologist 847-932-2231
Mix Bill LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7576
Moeller Shona VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2590
Molitor Marjorie LHS Math/Science Computer Lab Aide 847-327-7043
Molloy Allison LHS/VHHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-932-2060
Monken Cheryl LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7577
Monken Tony VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2506
Montenegro David VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2673
Moran Mike VHHS Special Services Special Services Aide 847-932-2591
Morello Jeff VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2021
Morgan Karin LHS Special Services Supervisor 847-327-7089
Mork Brent LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7656
Mortillaro John LHS LST Counselor 847-327-7036
Munro Emmerson VHHS Physical Welfare PE aide - Athletics 847-932-2580
Murphey Diana LHS Student Services Data Processing Specialist 847-327-7013
Murphy Temple LHS Tech Services Network Manager 847-327-7044
Myerberg Robin VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2090
Nardini Rob VHHS Athletics Coach 847-932-2596
Nardini Leslie VHHS Dept. 1 Teacher 847-932-2595
Naslund Dyan LHS English Teacher 847-327-7579
Naylor Anglea VHHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7580
Nelson Brenda LHS Student Services Prevention and Wellness Coordinator 847-327-7008
Ness David LHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-327-7504
Netland Ruth VHHS Student Services CRC Secretary 847-932-2165
Neuberger Judi LHS Student Services Counselor 847-327-7021
Nichol Haley VHHS Fine Arts Band/Orchestra Teacher PT 847-932-2581
Nicholson Margaret LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7526
Niemet Carrie LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7582
Nieto Sarai LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7583
Nieves Tara VHHS English Department Supervisor 847-932-2024
Nora Patricia VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2597
O'Brien Joseph VHHS Main Office Assistant Principal 847-932-2314
O'Conner Gerald LHS Buildings & Grounds Aramark - Supervisor 847-932-2045
O'Dea Loretta LHS Family & Cons Sci Teacher 847-327-7584
O'Hara Andrew LHS Buildings & Grounds Maintenance 847-327-7145
O'Neill Kevin LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7586
O'Neill Amy LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7120
Odishoo Regina LHS Special Services Speech & Language Therapist 847-327-7215
Oliver Laura VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2309
Olszewski Nikol LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7585
Olszewski Peter LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7589
Ori James LHS Physical Welfare Teacher 847-327-7668
Oslage Simone LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7114
Overbeck Catherine VHHS Mathematics Long Term Sub - Gutzmer 847-932-2670
Owens Tiffany LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7595
Pagani John VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2601
Page Caryl LHS Student Services Registrar 847-327-7022
Papacek Jason VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2555
Pardun Jim VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2296
Pedersen Greg LHS English Teacher 847-327-7590
Perkins Marion VHHS Student Services Attendance Clerk 847-932-2174
Petersen Dave VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2604
Peterson Amaya LHS Int'l Lang, math, Science Dept. Supervisors Secretary 847-327-7055
Petricca Elaine LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7591
Phelan Kevin VHHS Production Services Technical Theatre Coord 847-932-2281
Phillips Diane District Office Community Education Director of Comm. Ed/Grants 847-247-4577
Pierce Marla VHHS Student Services Asst. Principal/LST Secretary 847-932-2002
Pothast Lauren LHS Student Services Counselor 847-327-7028
Powell Sharra LHS English Teacher 847-327-7593
Powell Madeline VHHS Student Services Dean of Students A-K 847-932-2297
Poznansky Al VHHS Athletics 847-932-2605
Preister Fred VHHS Security Evening security 847-932-2635
Price Susan LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7594
Prosise Mark VHHS Science Department Supervisor 847-932-2004
Raciak Kim VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2606
Racic Dusan LHS Security School Resource Officer 847-327-7011
Ravenscraft Joshua VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2607
Ray Amanda VHHS Athletics Coach 847-932-2608
Recsetar Lindsay LHS Student Services Social Worker 847-327-7034
Redig Brittany VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2609
Regan Joseph VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2662
Reichert Bill LHS Career & Technical Education Teacher 847-327-7597
Reiff Paul LHS English Department Supervisor 847-327-7183
Reifneberg Alison LHS English Teacher 847-327-7632
Rende Tamara LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7598
Reuben Jamie LHS International Language Teacher 847-327-7599
Rivera Peter VHHS Tech Services Computer Technician 847-932-2058
Robertson Kristi LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7601
Roegner Tim LHS Mathematics Supervisor 847-327-7053
Rogers Erik LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7072
Rohde Parker LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7602
Roleck Jacqueline VHHS Fine Arts Department Secretary 847-932-2283
Ronne Jewell LHS Student Services LST Secretary 847-327-7032
Rosenblum Jennifer LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7658
Rous Kirsten VHHS Athletics Trainer 847-932-2025
Rowland Cynthia LHS Asst. Principal's Office Asst. Principal's Secretary 847-327-7007
Rugebregt Raymond VHHS Athletics Coach Girls Vball 847-932-2508
Rukes Sherri LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7603
Rush Jason VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2615
Russ Ron LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7081
Russell Andrew VHHS Fine Arts Department Supervisor 847-932-2282
Sabatino Craig LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7529
Sandler Marla VHHS Dept. 1 Library Aide 847-932-2617
Sas Mary VHHS Community Education Community Ed Evening Assistant 847-932-2618
Schaefer Beau LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7607
Scherrer Patty LHS Student Services LST Secretary 847-327-7038
Schinto Scott LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7069
Schmidt Craig LHS English Teacher 847-327-7609
Schoenbeck Marykate LHS English Teacher 847-327-7592
Schroeder Jason LHS Student Services Team Director 847-327-7026
Schroetter David VHHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-932-2619
Schurr Jim LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7070
Schur Kelly VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2639
Scott Margaret LHS Special Services School Psychologist 847-327-7267
Scott Marina LHS Principal's Office Principal 847-327-7001
Segerson John(Jack) LHS English teacher 847-327-7535
Senning Stella VHHS Library Aide 847-932-2672
Sette Gina VHHS LST Monitor 847-932-2620
Seward Jim VHHS Social Studies Department Supervisor 847-932-2009
Sharp Megan LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7662
Sheppard Jennifer VHHS Student Services Data Processing 847-932-2088
Sierra Elizabeth VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2646
Silverberg Meagan LHS Student Services Team Director 847-327-7018
Singleton Anne LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7611
Sivertsen Kerry VHHS Special Services Interpreter 847-932-2638
Skurski Diane LHS Tech Services Department Secretary 847-327-7045
Skurski Frances LHS Tech Services A.V. Technician 847-327-7062
Smith Cory VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2654
Smithhisler Judith VHHS Mathematics Department Supervisor 847-932-2012
Sobota Monika LHS English ELL- Aide 847-327-7661
Somers Pat VHHS Science Teacher Long Term Sub 847-932-2569
Stancil Chris LHS Buildings & Grounds Supervisor 847-327-7092
Steinecker Dana VHHS Applied Arts Long term sub for Miller 847-932-2517
Stevens Sonya VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2305
Stevens Nancy LHS Student Services Counselor 847-327-7035
Stevens Ole LHS Student Services Director 847-327-7012
Stilling Greg VHHS Student Services Assistant Principal 847-932-2270
Stone Judy VHHS Student Services Counselor 847-932-2031
Stoub Sarah VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2626
Stuart Adam LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7612
Sullivan Gricel VHHS ESP Teacher Support Clerk 847-932-2011
Sullivan Brady LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7613
Sullivan Elizabeth LHS Special Services P.A.W.S. Aide 847-327-7596
Sundal Holly LHS Student Services LST Secretary 847-327-7037
Sundell Randy VHHS Fine Arts Teacher 847-932-2162
Szabo Siobhan VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2627
Szkodyn Carol District Office Asst. Supt. Office Secretary for C&I 847-247-4501
Tarczynski Meredith LHS English Teacher 847-327-7614
Tarrant Kristin LHS Career & Technical Education Teacher 847-327-7615
Taylor John LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7616
Temple Maureen VHHS English Teacher Part-time 847-932-2558
Thomas Christopher LHS English Teacher 847-327-7649
Thompson Bob VHHS Athletics Coach 847-932-2628
Thompson Matt LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7618
Thomson Andrew LHS Career & Technical Education Teacher 847-327-7095
Thornton Mona LHS Special Services Social Worker 847-327-7091
Thumm Connie LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7619
Thunholm Kevin LHS Athletics 847-327-2629
Todoric Mary District Office Superintendent Office Director of Communications 847-247-4513
Tolva Monica VHHS Dept. 1 Librarian 847-932-2039
Tooley Matt LHS English Teacher 847-327-7620
Torrence Suzanne LHS Science Teacher 847-327-7621
Torres Mick District Office Tech Services Educational Technology Director 847-247-4506
Tran Michelle VHHS LST Study Hall Monitor 847-932-2539
Traut Cameron LHS Student Services School Nurse 847-327-7016
Treptow Daniel LHS Production Services TV/Audio Technician 847-327-7060
Tsagalis Jim VHHS Athletics Coach 847-932-2631
Twadell Brian LHS English Teacher 847-327-7622
Tye Jennifer VHHS Mathematics Teacher 847-932-2632
Uliks Robert LHS Security Security Supervisor 847-327-7131
Uliks Jennifer LHS Student Activities Teacher 847-327-7258
Vanderwiel Yvonne LHS Special Services Secretary 847-327-7113
Van Wagner Heather VHHS Student Services LST Secretary L-Z 847-932-2006
Vasquez Ruth LHS Buildings & Grounds Secretary 847-327-7093
Vitale Janet VHHS English Long term sub 847-932-2621
Voelker Alexandra LHS Physical Welfare Aide 847-327-7571
Voss Brian LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7623
Wacnik Cheryl LHS Asst. Principal's Office Bookkeeper 847-327-7010
Wagner William VHHS Security Security 847-932-2587
Wahl Matthew LHS Social Studies teacher 847-327-7518
Walgren Jay VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2633
Walters Patrick VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2671
Ward Lynda LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7624
Warfield Amanda LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7625
Warmbold Bo VHHS Production Services Productions Coordinator 847-932-2175
Warmbold Donnalyn LHS Student Services Data Processing Specialist 847-327-7014
Warmbold William VHHS Tech Services Computer Technician 847-932-2057
Warning Richard VHHS Security Security 847-932-2634
Wasserman Alisa LHS Student Services Nurse 847-327-7266
Watters Brandon VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2516
Wenzel Jane VHHS Special Services Aide 847-932-2560
Weppler Kathryn VHHS English Aide 847-932-2638
West Julia LHS SEDOL Social Worker 847-327-7212
Whalen Barbara LHS Student Services Department Secretary 847-327-7024
Whitescarver Kelley VHHS Dept. 1 Teacher 847-932-2640
Whitney Mark VHHS Athletics 847-932-2641
Wickstrom Haley LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7520
Wietrzak Liz VHHS Special Services Transition Coordinator 847-932-2078
Wiggins Amy LHS Career & Technical Education Librarian 847-327-7049
Wiggins Matthew LHS Social Studies Teacher 847-327-7627
Wilcox Bryan LHS Driver Ed/PE/Health Teacher 847-327-7218
Wilkin Allison LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7176
Wilson Robert VHHS International Language Teacher 847-932-2642
Wilson Lindsay VHHS Special Services Teacher 847-932-2302
Wine Amanda LHS Special Services Teacher 847-327-7246
Winegardner Andrea VHHS LST Hall Monitor 847-932-2668
Wojciechowski Rhonda District Office Business Office Payroll Specialist 847-247-4523
Wolf Christopher VHHS Science Teacher 847-932-2644
Wolfe Laura LHS Student Services Student Accounts 847-327-7015
Woodie Shawn VHHS Social Studies Teacher 847-932-2666
Wright Sara LHS Athletics Trainer 847-327-7636
Wright Gail LHS/VHHS Special Services Hearing Itinerant 847-327-7030
Young Andrew VHHS Administration Director of Programming and Data Analysis 847-932-2214
Young Bonnie District Office Business Office Accounts Payable 847-247-4521
Young Tara VHHS English Teacher 847-932-2645
Yu Thomas VHHS Sedol Sedol Aide
Zacharko Dave VHHS Production Services A/V Technician 847-932-2145
Zwit Denise District Office Superintendent Office Superintendent's Secretary 847-247-4510
Zyrkowski Brian LHS Mathematics Teacher 847-327-7630