Math Help

WHAT: Ask questions or get additional explanation on any math concept
WHEN: Periods 1-8, depending on teacher availability

  • No appointment necessary.

  • The Math Help desk is a great place to come to ask questions about any level of math. Make sure your questions are specific!

  • The Math Help teachers can help you review or practice for tests and quizzes.

  • The Math Help desk can help you learn a missed lesson or concept if you were absent.

  • Do not expect Math Help teachers to do your homework or all of your problems. Do not come with unspecific questions.

Period Teacher
1 Ms. Ballenger
2 Ms. Chapman
3 Ms. Gutzmer
4 Ms. Larson
5 Mr. Czarnecki
6 Ms. Tye
7 Mr. Monken
8 Ms. Geltner