Cougar Conservatory

The Cougar Conservatory is a program initiated by Laura Bass and Katie Bartel and administered by Cougar Arts Support Team that matches VHHS music students with Hawthorn District 73 music students for music instruction.  The VHHS Fine Arts department matches the high school students with the elementary student based on instrument and experience.  The lessons are $5 for 20 minutes and take place after school at VHHS.  To enroll in this program, please contact your Hawthorn District 73 Elementary music instructor.

Note: Participation in this program is limited by the availability of VHHS student instructors.

Hawthorn Student Responsibilities:

  • Materials - Each student will be given an assignment by their band director for each lesson. Students are responsible for bringing their own books, instruments, notebooks and other materials needed for the lessons they are receiving. 
  • Practicing - Each teacher instructs how much practice is ideal for each student and will encourage students in their practicing. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their student's practice. Taking the time listen to your child play their weekly songs, or creating a set time for practicing in the student's daily routine are good ways to become involved.
  • Attendance – Students are responsible for their time slot with Cougar Conservatory Lessons. If a student is not available for their weekly lesson for any reason please contact their teacher or the VHHS Fine Arts office, (847) 932-2283, between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM the day of the lesson. It is a courtesy to the teachers to not have to come back to school or stay late if their student is not going to be in attendance. If a lesson is canceled, it can be made up at a time and date arranged between the student and teacher.


Payment is due the first week of each month (by Friday). Payments can be made for two, three, or four lessons at one time.  Please contact CAST at if you have any questions about payment.  Please contact either your Hawthorn District 73 Elementary music instructor or VHHS instructor directly with any questions about the lessons themselves.


By Credit/Debit Card

Hawthorn Student Name
VHHS Instructor Name

By Check
Checks should be made out to the Cougar Arts Support Team and may be dropped off in the Fine Arts office during regular school hours (7:30 AM – 3:30 PM) or mailed to the address below.

Please be sure to include the following information with the payment: Hawthorn Student Name, VHHS Student Name, and Instrument.

Cougar Conservatory c/o CAST
Vernon Hills High School
145 N. Lakeview Parkway
Vernon Hills, IL 60061