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Welcome to Vernon Hills High School's
World Languages Lab
Room 1210

Lab Policies

The World Languages Lab is available for students presently enrolled in a foreign language for independent study, quiz and test make-ups.

Lab hours are 7:15 am -3:30 pm by appointment. email: Mrs. Joshi

The Vernon Hills High School World Languages Lab utilizes the SANS/Sony Virtuoso ™ Instructional Control software, along with the Soloist ™ Digital PC Comparative Recorder software, providing a fully digital software-based language learning environment. This software runs on networked Windows®-based PCs. This fully digital system uses audio, video, text and other lesson materials that are stored digitally on computers. The system allows lesson transmitting to student’s real time over the PC network. It also provides a shared learning environment where the students are paired or grouped thus allowing the ability to share information, collaborate on projects and assignments and have more opportunity to speak in the target language. Class activity is audio and visually monitored by the teacher and Language Lab staff.

Many of the textbooks used by our World Languages students are accompanied by CD-ROMs that can be used in the lab. These CD-ROM programs offer activities that allow students to receive automated feedback on the grammar topics, vocabulary, and cultural information presented in their textbooks. In addition to the CD-ROM programs, there are also many independent and textbook supported Internet sites that allow students to practice grammar points and have their responses checked for accuracy.

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